StayDry Shower Curtains

StayDry mesh shower curtains seal to the wall to stop water from leaking out onto the floor. This reduces the clean up time required and prevents slipping hazards in care facilities.

These specially designed shower curtains feature sleeves on either side that conceal rubber tubes. These channels are pressed into channels on the wall effectively sealing the shower curtain to the wall. This prevents water from escaping from the edges of the shower curtain.

For institutions Rodco hangs the curtains from track attached directly to the ceiling. Mesh is installed between the curtain track and the curtain to lower the curtain to the proper height. Since no shower rod is required there is more headroom and space for ANY situation.

The StayDry system works in any shower stall where water control is a problem. It can be used in place of an expensive shower door.

Trusted by the Vancouver Island Health Authority

This custom curtain was custom made for the Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Center

When the Vancouver Island Health Authority in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada built the new Royal Jubilee Patient Care Centre, they chose StayDry Shower Curtain for all 550 private accessible showers. This follows past installations at Victoria General, Royal D + T, and Saanich Peninsula Hospitals.

Laboratory Tested

After 50 wash processes plus a powder acid wash within VIHA’s own laundry system, the antibacterial test results showed the treatment remained over 90% effective against S. aureus E. coli, MRSA, and Listeria.

In partnership with Rodco Interiors, a custom commercial curtain was created with an upper mesh providing more light, increased air flow and Extra visual safety on the patient.

Lab Results

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